Deepen your Awakening-Online Spiritual Retreats

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These Advanced Online Spiritual Retreats are for those who have completed the Level 1 Free Online Course and who have read the Foundational book, the True You.

Fly Higher and Receive more advanced forms of Grace in these self-paced online courses.

You will learn newer and more exciting ways to retrain your MIND so it becomes your friend and faithful servant.  Make your mind your ALLY!

Best of all these teachings are simple, easy and FUN! You will create brand new life supportive habits in your life that will last a lifetime and serve you VERY well.

Detailed information about level 2 and 3 is written below.

Level 2 Why Walk when you can Fly- Get ready for another Grace Blessings adventure in awakening, freedom, expansion, fulfillment, and even more joy.

This course is filled with Audios that give Powerful Transmissions of the Divine light and Grace to keep you flying ever Higher, Raising your Vibration which shifts your Point of Attraction for the better, Living a Life of So much more ease, magic, synchronicity and flow!! 

Some audios offer Clearings so you may continually purge and release all that no longer serves you and this is the course where you will be introduced to the Ground Breaking, Leading Edge work, The Zone Method!!

What is the Zone you ask??  The Zone state is a 5th Dimensional state of Consciousness and Energy here at this time to help Usher in the Golden Age, New Earth Energy (Heaven on Earth) which helps you to Quiet your mind literally in minutes with no effort, or trying whatsoever!!

There are several audios in this course you may listen to that will effortlessly bring you into this Peaceful, No Mind State, a state that has been Scientifically Proven to help the body Heal, Restore, Rejuvenate, Regenerate and from a Spiritual stand point, this IS the most Powerful space and place to be in since you are in the Now Moment. 

This is the same state that Mystics, Saints, Sages, Gurus and Spiritual Masters have been talking and  teaching about since the beginning of time, and NOW this State is readily accessible to Everyone….even YOU!!

  • "Hi Erica –
    Just want to let you know (RAVE) how things are going. I am in LOVE with “why walk when you can fly” program. I have asked for the mother soothing hug and have been asking for the road bumps to be smoothed out.
  • Letting go of resistance and asking for everything to “flow”. OMG! Saturday I was able to do 4 things I was having panic attacks over! I even went out on a test drive with my husband. I have been opening the beautiful I AM book to freedom for weeks now.
  • Today I decided to go out and drive on my own into town. I even put the radio on and guess what was playing? Yes, Tom Petty, free falling. I sang FREE right along with him, so humbled and grateful. I even watched who wants to be a millionaire today and the answer to a question was FREEDOM, wow! I just came in from walking the dog and noticed that I have a sign in my window that says FREEDOM!”

You will learn newer and more exciting ways to retrain your MIND so it becomes your friend and faithful servant. 

Best of all these teachings are simple, easy and FUN, there is no working hard on yourself in this course at all!  You will create brand new life supportive habits in your life that will last a lifetime and serve you VERY well. Practice makes perfect!

Why walk when you can fly, takes you higher, expands you even MORE, and helps you stabilize solidly, this is where you become unsinkable, if you are not already.

  • "“Hi Erica, 
After speaking with you on the phone I felt a great relief for the decision made for now and before leaving to do errands I purchased the  “Why Walk when you can Fly”course.  I feel I heard a big applause from within….anyways when leaving the parking lot of my first stop my attention is brought to this hawk in the sky.
  • He is circling and soaring… showing his wide wing span and not once did I see him flap his wings….he just soared.
  • I thought that looks like so much fun and was absolutely mesmerized by him as I cross the street and park again and continue to watch the show. He soon is over my car and as I get out he is no where in sight.
  • On my way home I am still thinking about him and it finally comes to me that I had just signed up for this course called “Why Walk when you can Fly”….I feel the universe just gave me a demonstration of what can come:))….Love that!!!"

The magic of this cours begins the MOMENT you commit to go forward!  What are you waiting for??  Why simply walk when you can FLY instead?

As you release resistance, you move into greater Trust in Life, in the Universe and Trust in the Divine- you come to Know that the Universe Does have your back and wants Everything for you that you want for yourself. 

This kind of trust in Life, in the Divine is absolutely priceless, there is no price you can place on this level of trust, what I can tell you is that the Peace you feel, even in the face of challenges is utterly amazing, because you see my love, you begin to gain a Lot of Evidence that you CAN trust and no matter what life throws your way, you can Relax and Let Go, Surrendering into the Arms of the Divine and let it be handled For You, because you know in the very Core of your being, it will all work out perfectly, all you have to do is Let Go.

Why Walk when you can Fly teaches you how to Live, Work, Play and Be at this level of Trust in Life which sparks an unshakable Peace within your Being that even Time Stands Still for.

This level 2 course helps you not only Invoke the Light and the Divine more powerfully, but also Open to the Divine and Align with the Divine taking a HUGE Quantum Leap in your Expansion and Awakening Process.

Level 2 helps you move into these higher, finer frequencies easily, gently, and thoroughly so you may Embody the Higher Light not only for the benefit in your Own Life but also in the Lives of everyone around you.

The Grace Blessing energies that came through during the creation of “Why walk when you can fly” are nurturing, expanding and heart centered. They are soothing, smoothing, and life-supportive. This is a true assimilation and balance of masculine and feminine qualities and aspects of your authentic self.

The intention behind “why walk when you can fly” makes it more powerful than the FREE Level 1 online course “Awakening into Oneness Global Movement” or even the book, “The TRUE You”. You MUST read, “the TRUE You” before taking this course. That book, lays the groundwork for you to access and assimilate these new energies.

Your choices and focus set powerful Universal forces in motion. That is a gift of your Free Will. It opens you to receive what you want.

I tune into this specific frequency as I write the copy.
 You will receive some of the advanced types of Grace Blessings.
 You could receive powerful physical healing if that is what you need.

There are audios embedded into each week to receive a Live Energy Upgrade to keep your Spiritual Acceleration going.

In level 2 you are also Introduced to the Zone Method and the Zone State which is a 5th Dimensional state of Being, Energy and Consciousness for the New Earth and Golden Age of Manifesting Heaven on Earth.  Listen to audios that will help you quiet or even silence your mind in minutes, without effort , having to be mindful or even try.

If you are an Empath (Energetically Sensitive Soul) who feels challenged being on this planet, and finds oneself easily taking on the thoughts, feelings, energies of those around you this level 2 course is going to be a lifesaver.  Thousands of people have reported that being able to access the Zone state, a quiet, even silent state of mind, where one often reaches alpha and theta brain wave states in minutes has made ALL the difference between trying to survive through the day being so sensitive and Thriving!!

You CAN get your life back!!  You can stand in your OWN Energy, Power and LIGHT and become The Most Powerful Component so that when you walk into a room YOU Shift the energy of the entire room and everyone in it, instead of others bringing you down.  Can you imagine what life will be like with this kind of positive influence??

Feels Really good to ponder that doesn’t it!!

Science and Quantum Physicists have Proven that our Place of Power is accessing the Quantum Field, Zero Point, or the Void; this is the place and space that Everything manifests from!  When you enter the Zone State you immediately are in the Field and once here you can manifest anything you desire!!

This course with all the content, bonus audios and energy support is easily valued in the Thousands of dollars, the reason I keep the cost so low, is simple, I want this energy and these teachings available to ALL no matter what your financial situation.  This IS your next step, say YES now!!

Level 3 God realization self paced online Spiritual Retreat-  This online retreat brings you to a whole new level of consciousness where words fall far short.  You begin to KNOW yourself as God in hue-man form.  You being to Fully Embody your Wholeness, your Light, your Power and Potential. Move from invoking the Light Outside of you, to becoming invoke able yourself !!

You will Learn how to visit “alternate You’s” and “parallel realities and dimensions” to harness gifts, talents and abilities that you desire to possess in the here and now!
What is it you would like to learn??  How to paint??  Dance??  Sing??  Market your products??  Trade in the Stock Market??  Become a better athlete?? Whatever it is you want to Be. Do. Have there is an alternate YOU who has already Mastered those gifts and talents and can teach you, lead, guide and direct you to greatness!!

This class is designed to assist you in getting ALL of your power back so you can become whole, aligned fully with your Divine self and complete.  You re-discover the enchantment, magic and mystery of the cosmos.  Come to know that this is all an illusion, everything, “out there”.

In level 2 you had access to audios that would get you into the Zone state, that Higher 5th Dimensional state of consciousness where ALL your power is, in this spiritual retreat you go deeper into the Zone with more advanced audios, the experience is delicious and powerfully transformative.

Learn how to become victorious over all illusions in each area of your life; money, body, health, relationships.  Shatter the illusions and become totally free to BE, DO or HAVE whatever you desire, in the blink of an eye in fact. 

This is a very advanced course and is perfect for your next step in knowing who you truly are.  You MUST have read the book, “The TRUE You” and completed the level 2, Why walk when you can fly course FIRST to take this course.