5 Day Silent Spiritual Retreat-Initiation into Order of the Rose

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Become a Steward of the Light, Catalyze or Deepen One's Awakening Process and Embody the Energy of Grace which has the Power to transform the lives of everyone around you simply through your Presence. 

Welcome to the Ancient and Deeply Sacred "Order of the Rose" Lineage.  This same lineage from which Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Quan Yin and many others were Ordained through.

Are you someone who has a sincere and deep desire to become a change agent and catalyst for Awakening the Masses and Creating the New 5D reality of Living Heaven on Earth?  You were Born with the blueprint, let us Activate that which lies within you!

Perhaps you are a sensitive who simply wishes to add more light, positivity to their own life and for others in the World.  If you are meant to come to this Retreat and Receive this Initiation, your Heart and Soul already knows.  The words written on this page are of little consequence, it is Destiny and you have heard the Sacred call.

Once Initiated into this lineage you become a powerful instrument of the Divine Light, a PURE channel for Grace to activate others for positive change in ALL areas of life! Become the Change you wish to see in the World~ be that change, it starts with YOU!

Transform your own life and make a major contribution to the lives of others.

Most Lightworkers have a deep calling to be in service to others, to help and assist in some way.  I invite you to consider becoming a Certified Grace Blessing Practitioner. Do it JUST FOR YOU or enter sacred service and share it with others.

Help awaken the masses giving the gift of Awakening and helping people move into tremendous ease and flow in their lives.  What better career to have than Awakening people to their Authentic Selves and moving from seeking and suffering to flow, ease, joy, abundance and well being!

Create for yourself a life filled with joy and purpose and share this gift at a critical time in the history of this planet.

The prerequisite’s to attend the retreat are to have a minimum of three Grace Blessing sessions with Erica and read the foundational book this work is based off of, The TRUE You.  The links for prerequisites are at the bottom of this page.


Erica’s five-day Silent Spiritual retreat, is an extraordinary opportunity to discover and access that inner space of boundless connection.

Through Grace Blessing transmissions, teachings and personal inquiry you not only gain access to your Divine self but are empowered to sustain it eternally.

This flame becomes lit and stays lit forever, long after you leave the retreat.  This connection continues to deepen and the flame burns brighter with each passing day.

Sacred Silence is a profound gift that you can give yourself as it propels you into the deepest states of connection. The Grace Blessings spiritual retreat provides the safe space and structure to explore the silence within, connect to that deep space where you can begin to hear your Divine self, access Source and experience the truth of your own Divine essence. During this Spiritual Retreat You Will:

  • Experience a profound and timeless internal state of silence.
  • Connect with your Divine self and the innate wisdom that resides at the core of your being.
  • Access profound stillness and peace even in the midst of chaos.
  • Learn day-to-day tools and practices to maintain and continue to enhance your connection
  • Rest, relax and rejuvenate so that you reenter your daily life invigorated and inspired to meet life and its challenges with silent peace and balance.
  • On the final day you will receive your Initiation and Activation to become a clear and powerful conduit for Grace Blessings and the Divine Light.  The initiation is transferred as part of a two-fold process, which serves to prepare the recipient to receive this Divine benediction.
  • First, the physical body is prepared through an intense breathing exercise which comes from an ancient ritual practiced by all cultures and traditions. The kundalini is awakened and chakras are opened and cleared.
  • Finally, the participants receive the Initiation itself, in a sacred ceremony involving the touching of the Padukas or other Sacred Religious objects of your own faith.  Padukas are sandals and represent the feet of the Divine, a powerful cross-cultural symbol of surrender.
  • What makes this Initiation unique is that it comes directly from the Divine and is not routed through the human being. It is a direct transfer from the Divine to the recipient, with the sole purpose of taking the recipient into the state of Oneness and Awakening—that same state enjoyed by saints, sages, and mystics world over.
  • The next step is being anointed crown, third eye, feet and hands with sacred oil and powder and direct eye to eye gazing with the teacher to lock in and ground the Initiation.
  • Once you receive your initiation you will immediately start transmitting this Divine Energy of Grace to get the energy flowing and anchored deeply within your being
  • Satisfy the prerequisites get the True You book:  https://ericarock.myshopify.com/collections/true-you-book
    Book your series of 3 Life changing Grace Blessing Sessions: https://ericarock.myshopify.com/products/grace-blessings