Payment and Policies For Erica Rock

Your payment constitutes an agreement that you have read these policies.
Clear agreements serve everyone!

Grace Blessings or ANY of the services, sessions, courses, retreats, including the 5 day Grace Blessing retreat that Erica offers is not a substitute for medical or other types of care that you may need, although complete healing can occur. You are at all times responsible for your own well being and choices. Do not abdicate your power to Erica, or anyone.


There are absolutely no refunds for any of these services or products unless they are physical products that are defective.

Grace Blessings is extremely potent, whether you perceive it or not. You will have already received the initiation from the book, course, audios, or session, whether you were aware of it or not. That cannot be “returned.” It is permanent, and it may grow at a later time than you expected. You will receive benefit from Grace Blessings — the only variable is whether you will let go and let it in, or how quickly.

Emotional upset can sometimes be a normal part of this or any other spiritual or emotional process. This process can be intense, although ease and grace is always possible if you have no resistance to the process. Upset, anger, or other lower emotions are not grounds for refund. They are normal part of the process, and you should not do Grace Blessings unless you agree to allow and take responsibility for the feelings that catalyze your liberation. Results are consistently very good, as you see from the testimonials, yet individual results and time frames do vary.

The 5 Day Grace Blessing retreat is a firm and absolute commitment there are no refunds whatsoever for any reason. One must be free from mind altering substances and addictions to attend this most transforming retreat. If one has committed to attending a 5 day retreat and it is later discovered that one has a substance abuse issue, this needs to be resolved before attending a 5 day, any monies paid for the retreat will be transferred to a future one.


If you call in or arrive late, your session began at the appointed time and still ends at the appointed time.
If you miss your session, your fee is forfeited.
Erica always makes it clear that she’s telling you the session time in HER time zone, and it is up to you to use the time translation site correctly: www.worldtimeserver.com.


For courses, you receive a credit for or toward any other course rather than a refund. If you cancel with at least 24 hours notice after paying for a live course tuition, you receive a credit that can be applied to any subsequent class or session time where there is space. No shows who don’t give us notice forfeit all tuition.

If course segments are missed, you may arrange to make them up in other courses. It is your responsibility to find out when they are, and reserve you space with Erica. We cannot track it or arrange it for you.

If you can’t attend after registering, course fees are frozen for you for a grace period of 6 months.
If fees go up, the new fees apply after the 6 month grace period. Client pays the balance to complete the course or sessions.

24 hours notice BY PHONE is required for cancellations and reschedules of private sessions. EMAIL CANCELLATIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Erica may not see the email in time to fill that slot.


It is your responsibility to schedule all of the sessions you pay for within a three month time period.
Your sessions are void after that time unless arrangements have been made. Erica doesn’t have the capability to track them.
Full payment for all sessions and courses is expected at time of registration, unless other arrangements have been made. This shows you are committed and the energy begins to effect your life in a VERY positive way the second you commit, make the most of that!

Thank you very much!


I have a personal question about myself, my healing process or experiences, about teachings, or about life in general. Can you give me some guidance?

A: Due to the extremely high volume of correspondence and questions Erica receives, the best places to ask questions are in private sessions, retreats, or you may ask in the Awakening Into Oneness Global experiment community and perhaps one of Erica's Initiated Grace Blessing Givers will answer you.

Q: Can Erica personally respond to my email?

A: While all correspondence is read and so dearly appreciated and cherished, due to the high volume of inquiries and emails Erica receives, she is simply no longer able to personally respond to each email. Erica always sends blessings through the field of resonance. Erica looks forward to connecting with you at one of her retreats, or via one of her mentorship programs or via private sessions soon!