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Erica Rock

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Divine Healing

“After Erica did  Divine healing on my right knee and my neck, both had been giving me so much pain, the pain had subsided by over 50% by the morning! She only worked on me for about 10 minutes!  I am looking forward to spending a longer session with her and resolving the rest of the pain completely!.”

B.V. Michigen

Grace Blessing

“Since my Grace Blessing I am finding that I am not wanting any wine at night anymore.  I knew that the wine was helping alleviate some boredom I was feeling in my life.  Well now I feel SO ALIVE and present in each and every moment, the craving or desire for the wine is simply gone.  Without any work! "

Anonymous, New Hampshire

Heart Filled Love

“Erica I want to thank you.  I have been feeling really good since our phone session last week.  Since I have been diagnosed with cancer all throughout my body I have been listening to a lot of mediation and healing CD’s, this one CD spoke about a healing blue light that I just could not connect with.  The minute you started trans,itting the energy the most BRILLIANT BLUE LIGHT APPEARED to me and felt amazing!  Just amazing!  It filled my heart with love, JUST WHAT I WANTED!.” 


There is an Inner Master

a Divine Light that resides within All of Us, the Ultimate Empowerment Erica shares is getting one Connected to this Power that lies within.

Ancient & Sacred Order of the Rose

Become Initiated into the Ancient and Sacred Order of the Rose Lineage as a Giver of Divine Grace that Catalyzes or Deepens ones Awakening Process while simultaneously Elevates on Vibratory Rate and Opens the Receiver to Begin to Receive all of the Infinite Blessings Life wishes to gift them.

Transform the Lives of Everyone around you, simply through your Being, Presence and Essence. This is the Ultimate Empowerment Erica offers.

Light Worker Program

Become Initiated into the order of the rose.

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