Client's Experiences


Here is what some people had to say about their  Session experiences, whether those are with a Grace Blessing Session, Divine Healing experience or even Trinity Activations. 

Please note that individual results may vary, any product or session on this site is not a substitute for medical treatment.

Trinity Activation shares from clients:

After the intuitive activation I was very tired during the integration period (about an hour).  Then I have been blessed with increased energy ever since.   I seem to need less sleep. I feel I am vibrating at a higher rate.  I feel like I am “brighter”–I don’t know how else to put it.  And here’s the kicker–Time seems to have slowed down!

Hello. I thought I would give you an update on my unfolding process as it has been two weeks since my activation. Here is what I’ve noticed: I feel more energetic and strong, more confident, happy and aware as well as thinking more clearly (sort of like a fog has been lifted from me). Also, I have noticed manifestation happening more quickly, either that or I’ve gotten more lucky.  Also, the release of old pain, disappointments, etc. as in a healing of my heart process has begun. I know that’s very significant in general.

Hi Erica Just wanted to give you an update since my activations. The activation itself was amazing it’s like all the parts if my brain were connected back together. My thought process has been much smoother and easier. My focus has improved as well. My eye Dr was even shocked that my eye site had improved she was blown away.
  My balance is much better and there’s a lot less pain in my over all body I know in time going into the zone the pain will decrease more. I’ve learned to ask for help when I need it from the higher powers and let me tell ya Jesus has been helping me with so many tasks. My life overall has just been running so much more smoothly. So A GREAT BIG THANK YOU. For all the work your doing with so many.

Your debriefing was quite interesting. I experienced the sensation of energy moving strongly throughout the session and resting period. When you started, I experienced the energy moving in the heart center and the entire upper torso. It then moved down in to my forearms and hands. That was followed by the opening of my crown chakra. The energy rotated thru these 3 areas two or three times. Then I could feel pressure on my third eye. The energy continued to rotate between the 4 areas and then just,, before you finished, everything became very still, total calmness.  When I lay down to rest, my feet immediately became very hot with a lot a energy movement. The energy sensations then moved up in to my hands. I could then feel the energy working on the third eye. That was followed by the energy rotating through various parts of my body. After about 35 minutes, everything became very calm.

I wanted to share my experience of Erica‘s Trinity Activation. I received this activation set a few days ago and the experience of receiving it was powerful and visually amazing. I say visually because “seeing” is not normally my thing, I feel, and intuit, but at the onset of this session, I could SEE what was happening as the energies came in. I watched my own DNA Blueprint get activated as any dark spots on the circuit board lit up. I then watched the earths 5D grid system do exactly the same thing. I also became aware of glands in my head being reactivated and opened further too. Even felt my own skin tighten up a bit!! Looking forward to experiencing more results as I integrate this further in the days and weeks ahead. I am about to turn 50 next week and wont everyone be surprised when they see me looking 35 hahaha!

So many blessings..I’ve been opened up fully to now confidently do intuitive readings, I connect easily now to the angelic realm,..I do Angel card readings, of course Grace blessings, there are no limits and like erica said, when you open to the limitless possibilities it’s incredible. In one year I went from an okay life to HOLY SHIT. Where do the miracles end?  I went from Grace blessing giver to about to be published author, to everything above. ..and I’m not done yet, just got started.

This first e-mail is from a woman and her mother who brought pics of loved ones in with them for their Grace Blessing session. I did NOT personally meet with ANY of these people!

“My mother and I received Grace blessings and on the web site it said that we could bring pictures of loved ones or people we want to positively influence but with out having to bring them along with us..
the first time we went, my mom brought pictures of the people she loved in life.. i totally forgot.. i just had a ring and a toy my son plays with to carry in some of their energy..

The people she had pictures of had HUGE shifts.. my brother : who has taken a back seat approach to his life, suddenly got on board and went to the doctors for a lingering back problem.. after 3 yrs of pain.. we finally got answers..

Her husband.. shifted for sure.. a once HIGHLY reactive man, suddenly decided that when he was upset he was going to take a deep breath and walk away..

From my own experience…
Our second appointment.. i brought pictures.. tons of them.. My niece and nephew i really prayed for.. for the past 3 weeks, their entire life has shifted! my niece, a manic depressed 11 yr old.. suddenly began to smile and wanted to interact with people.. my nephew,.. highly emotional 4 yr old who acted out at everything.. suddenly began to enjoy life.. to respond in positive ways to life.. Both children shifted their life and their step mother brought it to my attention at “how wonderful the kids were” ..

Thank you Erica.. i feel like these kids got what they needed to help support their journey.. as hard as it is..” T. R Maine

“Since I began receiving Grace Blessings, I feel more connected to God, more like a simultaneous translator of energy than ever before.
A tremendous feeling of joy, of love began immediately and has just kept growing – a new, very strong inner vibration that centers around my heart.
After my first Grace Blessing, a wave of old troublesome stuff arrived; first I said – Oh no! I didn’t even think I had this stuff anymore! – but I quickly realized that it was the Grace Blessings bringing it up for me to let go of. So I stay with the feelings and let go of the story, and it works…then some more stuff comes – this is strong!
And I ask God to handle it, and I prostrate, and it works! The amazing inner vibration just keeps growing. What an incredible gift!” woman from san francisco!

“I don’t know what you did to me yesterday during our session, but boy do I feel differently today. I feel optimistic again. My pain from my fibromalaysia is GONE, I mean gone. I did not have to take any of my pain medication this morning! That is a miracle. Plus I walked an entire mile with no pain at all! The relationship I was worried about seems to be resloving itself as well…….my friend whom I hadn’t heard from in 6 weeks called me the same afternoon as our session. I feel fantastic and I want to thank you and I cannot wait until my next Divine Opening session. Thank you Erica.” Brennan Thornton Hampton, NH

“Well it is official, I no longer want to drink alcohol. It doesn’t even taste good to me. Any cravings or desires for it are GONE!” I was trying to fulfill a fundamental need within myself through drinking, which of course never worked, I wanted to feel at peace in my own body. Now that I feel peaceful the need or desire to drink is just gone.” Amazing!”

T. L. Dover NH

“I received my first Grace Blessing today with Erica and almost instantly shifted into a state of flow. Only one day prior my head was swimming with things that needed to be done, unanswered questions as to how to proceed, and severe angst about a relationship. I was a mess…a mental and emotional mess. After the Grace Blessing I felt relaxed and oddly at ease. Nothing that I needed to do had changed but my state of being dramatically shifted into a space of letting things flow. I wrote a list of what I needed to do and started on the first item, a painting project for a friend that had seemed like an obstacle course of needing materials, space to paint, running to the store, etc. All these things had kept me in a state of inertia as time marched on and nothing got done. As I began working, the same obstacles arose, but instead of thinking about all the errands I needed to run and all the materials I needed to buy, I found solutions right under my nose. Everything I needed was right there, including the ingenious ideas I had as to how to get there without running around. I never left the house that night and the project is done. What I had put off for three weeks I completed in a night. I can’t begin to described the sense of peace that comes when you are in the flow, when life gives you what you need when you need it. The angst is gone and, because of this simple experience, I am beginning to trust that the more complex issues will find a resolution as well. I feel an inner peace about all of it. Thank you Erica! ”

Alex LeFavre Imagine Life Coaching, Portsmouth NH

“In your class I felt myself like the little girl in Little House on thePrarie- who looked up in awe when the very tall Indian man entered the Engels home. She was smiling in wonder- . I always smile- now my smile is much brighter and I see people notice it. (smile). D. P. New Hampshire

“Since my Grace Blessing I am finding that I am not wanting any wine at night anymore. I knew that the wine was helping alleviate some boredom I was feeling in my life. Well now I feel SO ALIVE and present in each and every moment, the craving or desire for the wine is simply gone. Without any work! Anonymous, New Hampshire

“I could give you a daily update about how great things are going since my Grace Blessing! First of all, and this is HUGE……all fear is GONE. It has simply vanished. I had been feeling chased and enslaved by fear my entire life and it was beating me down. After my Grace Blessing with Erica, I AM FREE! No more fear! Also, a dear relationship is resolving on its own without me having to DO A THING! How amazing! I have this sense of peace and knowing about my life that everything will be alright, and it is not an intellectual knowing it is a deep down in my heart knowing. Thank you so much! ”
A. L. New Hampshire

“After Erica did Divine healing on my right knee and my neck, both had been giving me so much pain, the pain had subsided by over 50% by the morning! She only worked on me for about 10 minutes! I am looking forward to spending a longer session with her and resolving the rest of the pain completely!.” B.V. Michigen

” In your class- I got a message to draw- now I never drew very well to my knowledge- my best friend Cheryl Ann Stewart tried to get me to go to an art class in Hampton before she passed on. My schedule was so hectic I declined- now I so wish I had- It’s not so hectic for me as I’ve taken back my own power- life- and schedule.(smile) So in your class- God said to me- “If you were to draw me, what would I look like?” And so I was layed down on the floor on my stomach and I shook laughing- “I said you might not want to know”. Then I told Him I would just draw my arms around him. I can feel him smile. Also in your class- I was up above my body dancing!! I still douse to God- we communicate well that way- He tells me I won’t even need to much longer. I stopped doing Reiki and canceled my next counselor appt. God says it’s ok to do my Angel cards- I haven’t since your class- don’t have the same interest in them.But I still might. I spend hours outside- it has helped me heal- just listening to nature- I always tell God how beautiful He is. I was born loving God Erica- I’ve always known that. But my emotions have been definetly tampered with down here- that’s where I need a lot of work. To keep going inside before I speak- To stop the “Story”- It’s in the past. I’ve always said I need to write a new script- no better time than the present!

I have extra time now that I’m not doing Reiki- so life is good and can only get better- I can sit for hours looking out the window and be happy. Thank you for all Erica.”

With Love and Light,

Debra Ann New Hampshire

“Erica I want to thank you. I have been feeling really good since our phone session last week. Since I have been diagnosed with cancer all throughout my body I have been listening to a lot of mediation and healing CD’s, this one CD spoke about a healing blue light that I just could not connect with. The minute you started transmitting the energy the most BRILLIANT BLUE LIGHT APPEARED to me and felt amazing! Just amazing! It filled my heart with love, JUST WHAT I WANTED!.” B.C. NH

“HI Erica

So much is changing and happening, that I needed to take it slowly and quietly. I felt guarded and private- kind of like I wanted to keep it all to myself. I can honestly say, this has been an amazing help in getting thru some pretty rough spots in my life, lately. I am facing my mother’s fight with cancer,and her impending death…

and everything that goes along with that, and somehow, even though I have been upset, and angry and even relieved…

I have been able to hold on and get thru. Feeling my feelings- letting them happen and then letting them go and evolve into something else- is something new for me. Sometimes it is very uncomfortable, sometimes it is scary. But as a result of letting them happen, I have noticed the good things have become even better.

Food does taste better, pleasant smells are even more pleasant, and I appreciate visual stimulation even more, for example, noticing the pattern of a raindrop as it rolls its way down the window, or the sight of my grandson watching me as i make cookies for him and he pokes his little nose over the rim of the mixing bowl to get a better look.

I am enjoying and holding close to my heart, the good things in life. I am feeling grateful and blessed. And I am learning that bliss doesn’t necessarily mean delirious happiness all the time- But can also be the feeling of peace that comes over me at times… Or the feeling that everything will be okay, and will work out in the way it needs to.

I look forward to my conversations with God, my meditation times, and I look forward to my dreams each night, while I can’t always recount them,they are all very vivid and very interesting. Sometimes I am not sure what I had dreamed, but I awaken with a joyful, or peaceful feeling that stays with me throughout the day.

So, it is a journey, and every time I pick up the book, The TRUE You, I learn something new. An aha moment. Or a moment when I say- I knew that, before I was conditioned to believe differently. I am still having a hard time believing I deserve to be happy. But I think that is on the horizon- because I can see it.

The Saturday you did Grace Blessings for us, was a beautiful ceremony. I liked that we each individually lit a candle and took the seat of honor before you granted a Grace Blessing for each of us.

It did make me feel special, but at the same time, I didn’t feel like I deserved it. I didn’t have a vision after the Grace Blessing…just a wonderful feeling of peace. And a strange feeling of separateness-or detachment, which I still don’t understand. But I felt giddy and happy when you said we could take home the candle we had lit. Thank you. I was amazed that we all could tell which one was our own candle. And I was delighted because I loved my green candle with its delicate scent.

I can’t believe how far I have come since I started this journey, with you.

Even though I knew things needed to change in my life- I never realized the journey I was beginning.

Thank you, Erica, for everything,

Love MaryBeth”