Chakra and Aura Clearing- Training

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In this pre-recorded audio training you will not only Receive a Chakra and Aura Clearing but you will learn the exact process Erica uses with her clients, so you may then, do this process for yourself daily (which is suggested) and perform these clearings on clients, loved ones, friends etc.

In this Training you will learn the process to connect in with Source, your Higher Self, Galactic Self, God Team and Archangel Michael and Saint Germaine to open the process, have assistance and protection.

You will next learn to Open your Central Channel, connecting to the Heavens, through and around you, and grounding into Mother Earth, this is your stabilizing force to begin the clearing and keep you grounded.

Learn the various Divine Purifying Rays to use on your chakras, nadis, meridiens and auric field for the most Germaine, Purifying and Elevating experience.

You will learn to "Command" specific Divine frequencies to "download" into your Auric field to keep your Vibration at its Highest and your Energy and Consciousness Clear and Focused.

Why is this Training so Important?

Human beings are the culmination of all the thought, word and deed of not only ourselves, but also of our ancestors up to 10 generations back. We store this thought, word and deed within the physical body temple, as well as in our auric field.

Having your Aura and Chakras cleansed and fortified can be like taking a Spiritual Shower the results being feeling more alive, peaceful, light and happy.

Thoughts have tremendous power, we are directing thoughts towards others and people are directing thoughts towards us and those thoughts can negatively effect us if our aura and energy are weak.

A good way to know if you need an Aura/Chakra Clearing is if you have been feeling heavy, depressed, angry, overly emotional, overwhelmed, having nightmares, fear based energies and thoughts etc.

In this Training your Aura and entire Chakra system is opened, cleared, balanced, aligned and evolved to its very highest stage of evolution. All non-supportive energies are cleared and transmuted into the Light.  

Many clients notice that when they officially purchase a session or training with Erica, the shifts start before we even "do" anything.  The Divine Intelligence that oversees these sessions/trainings hears your call and begins to answer that need immediately.