Divine Healing

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First time clients it is SUGGESTED purchasing a package of 3 life transforming sessions that provide you with personalized support and guidance.

The intention is not for you to become dependent on Erica but to assist you in getting you where you want to go as elegantly and gracefully as possible.

Every person is different and Erica honors your pace.

As Erica is a Pure Conduit for Grace and Source energy these Intimate sessions which can be done remotely, live in person, over the phone or via video assist One with their healing on All levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Each session is unique unto itself and are 100% Guided by Source and Over-lighted by your own Soul.

Life brings up for you what needs to be Healed, Addressed and Resolved.

Erica will guide you to reveal what is currently seeking resolution and through Energy Work to clear away the density, hurt, pain, trauma and release it into the light of Love the body/mind system automatically and quite naturally returns to a state of equilibrium where one can begin to Re-receive their health and experience a profound lightness of being.