DNA Activation

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DNA Activation and Expansion– In these remote sessions Erica connects with your very own Mighty I AM Presence to activate ALL latent DNA strands which expands consciousness and gives you access to the fullness of your True potential as a hue-man being.

As you know we use very little of our full Brain capacity and having your DNA activated puts you on an accelerated Spiritual Journey where your latent gifts, talents and abilities will start to rapidly emerge. Though personal results may vary, For some, this translates into increased intuition, healing abilities, more creativity, mental focus and passion for life. It is like having brand new eyes as you see the world anew.

For any serious Spiritual Seeker of those interested in opening and expanding consciousness, spiritual acceleration and divine embodiment, these sessions are pivotal in moving towards Unity Consciousness and deeper connection with the Divine.

Once you pay for your session you will receive an email to schedule a date and time that is convenient for you.

Many clients notice that when they officially book a session with Erica, the shifts start before we even get to our scheduled appointment together.  The Divine Intelligence that oversees these sessions hears your call and begins to answer that need immediately.

All appts are made on MST, so please use the world time clock converter to align with the correct appt time.  Thank you!  These sessions are done over the phone.