Intuitive Angel Readings

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Angel Readings: Experience Soul Journey Readings with Erica Rock

We have an infinite number of potential futures. Don’t you want to connect with the one that is the brightest? Most abundant? Joyful and happy? Lying dormant within each and every one of us are latent gifts and talents that the Creator has placed inside. Our gift back to the Creator is to cultivate those gifts and allow them to bloom and flower.

Erica reads the energy and essence of your be-ing and helps align you with your highest and greatest destiny. All that you need is within you, Erica assists you in seeing inside what jewels lie within. Clients leave the reading feeling hopeful, inspired, joyful and ready to embark on their life path! Erica has found that 30 minutes is all that most people seem to need as the most important messages come through immediately.

Erica would like to remind you that , during your reading, she will have identified many important concepts and actions steps for you to incorporate into your life.

However, for things to be different in your life, you will have to do things differently. Erica will show you where the jewels are and suggest how to find them within Divine time, but to get maximum benefit you will have to follow through on the suggestions Erica makes to extract the jewels. You will be shown the possibility of a new door opening, but you have to go up and open that door yourself. You must take responsibility for yourself and your life. Erica wants you to get on your highest path possible, you must take the action steps to get there.

Readings are $155.00 for an hour by phone and are recorded, this way I don’t see what you drive, what kind of clothes you wear, what jewelry you have on. I AM clear to receive PURE messages and guidance without the logical