Reiki Classes

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Reiki I

In this workshop you will learn one of the simplest yet most powerful forms of hands on healing. Reiki pronounced Ray-key is a Japanese form of stress reduction that utilizes Universal Life Force Energy to bring the body into a state of balance and harmony.

You will learn the traditional and non-traditional uses of Reiki, Reiki history, Chakra basics, how to perform a self-healing and sessions on another.

You will be “attuned” to this energy and upon completing this workshop you will receive a certificate qualifying you as an Independent Reiki I Practitioner.

Dates for Reiki 1 TBA or Upon request

Reiki II

With this class you expand your Reiki practice by learning 3 Reiki symbols that heal on all levels.

We learn how to use the Reiki symbols to manifest our hearts desires, empower goals, heal our relationships, heal others at a distance, raise the vibration of a room, home, land and objects, bless and empower food, water, herbs, supplements, gardens and animals.

Prerequisite Reiki I, classes are taught upon request.

Cost $200.00 contact if you feel you are ready to progress and we can schedule a class.

Reiki III

Certified advanced class to be an independent Reiki Master. Receive your 3rd initiation into the healing art of Reiki.

You will learn the Master symbols of the Usui and Tibetan traditions, the microcosmic orbit, violet breath, to teach and pass attunements.

All attendants must get prior approval. If you feel you are ready to progress contact Erica to schedule a class Cost $500.00.