Trauma and Abuse Clearing

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This session works on clearing you of the empathic imprints and cellular memories of traumatic and abusive events that are stored within your body as pain, burden, heaviness, limitation, negativity, depression, hopelessness, despair.

We always start each session with an ancestral lineage and past life clearing so we do not pass these memories/imprints, pain and limitation onto our children.

These patterns, programs, abuse, trauma and chaos STOPS WITH US!

We clear any Karma Entities, Non Life Supportive Soul Contracts, Cut energetic/psychic cords, remove implants, clear unresolved Emotional Content and anything else that is limiting you.

Erica’s book, The TRUE You in E-book version is included in the session and acts as supplemental support for the clearing you will be receiving.

Sessions are over the phone and are approximately 60 minutes.