Trinity Activations

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These activations are profoundly powerful and quite advanced, for them to "take hold" in the most powerful way it is Strongly Suggested if you have much Unresolved Emotional Content active within you from childhood Past Abuse, Trauma, Hurt and Pain, please Start with a Grace Blessing Sessions First. 

Purify and Transmute all that no longer serves you, thus you become empty, a clean slate through which the Divine Light may Penetrate, Elevate and Activate you in the most graceful way possible, you may find that offering here:

If you have decided you are indeed ready for this level of Initiation and Activation, here we go!!  Individual results may vary, no claims or promises are being made, your individual readiness will dictate the results you experience. These activations are not a substitute for medical treatment.

The NEW consciousness that we are in is ripe for MIRACLES, POTENTIALS and POSSIBILITY.

Are you ready to embody the NEW HUE-MAN Blueprint with a Trinity Activation?

The NEW hue-man blueprint is activated first with the CHRIST CODE as Jesus said, “All these things I do, you shall do and more, NOW is the time this code is ready to become active and available for YOU, as well as the YOUTH CODE in 5D consciousness aging process slows down, and a FULL flowering of ALL your INTUITIVE GIFTS of claircognizance (clear knowing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairvoyance (clear seeing, visions) and clairsentience (clear feeling).

  • "Erica, It’s been a week since my Trinity code activation and I’ve notice a huge different in my healing.  Everyone I have worked on since the activation has had a profound experience during our healing sessions from seeing Jesus to relieving pain almost instantly.  Thank you for that!!"

As well as the following:
*Awakening and Enlightenment.
*God Realization teleportation, telekinesis, telepathy and levitation.
*Becoming fully anchored and grounded into your physical bodies.
*Full flowering of the HEART and LOVE CODE which is your TRUE Divine nature and ESSENCE of who and what you ARE.
*DNA activation and expansion to access optimal brain capacity (currently we only have access to a very small portion of our potential)
*Being connected to your Galactic family of origin, which connects you to the fullness of the Universe.

Erica had her codes activated over the course of 3 years by her Galactic family and she has been asked by Spirit to activate others and accelerate consciousness.

Erica calls these the Trinity Activations.

The TRINITY ACTIVATION consists of being activated with the Christ code, Youth code and Intuitive Gifts brought more fully online.

You may receive additional activations that you are ready for, every person is unique and different.

For the Trinity, the session begins with a deep clearing of negative content from your mind/body system.  All chakras, nadis, meridiens and auric field fully cleared, opened, balanced and aligned.

From there we activate your Pituitary, Pineal and Hypothalamus glands, and move into Brain balancing.

Then your trinity codes are activated. For many this is a very physical experience, as well as visual and emotional in a BEAUTIFUL way.

These are done via distance and all at the same time, anyone in the world may receive them the session is also recorded and you will receive the link and code to the recording after to download, use this to listen and re-listen to ground and further assimilate the activations over the next 6 months to a year.

All appts are made on MST, so please use the world time clock converter to align with the correct appt time.  Thank you!

The activations take anywhere for 2-4 hours and the energy may continue to download for days, even weeks thereafter.

Plan on setting aside at least 1 hour 30 mins to lay down and receive, and the process unfolds from there.

I send you a debriefing of what you received and an audio recording so you may re-listen as often as you like after.

What other activations may come through? 

Here is a short list of various activations that have come in for people during these sessions.  Please keep in mind each persons session is unique to them, the entire process is guided and overlighted by your soul and higher self.  Your individual readiness dictates what else might come through.

Present moment awareness code activated
Youth code activation.
manifestation code activated
Pure and full embodiment of the divine feminine code activated

ALL NEW EARTH and NEW human energies and codes activated
Optimal brain capacity and potential activated
Oxygenation with all colors activated
merkaba lightbody was activated  (ascension vehicle)
DNA activated
pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands upgraded
LOVE code (Heart Healing and Opening)
psychic centers were cleared, active and opened
hearing, seeing, knowing and feeling as well as your hands and feet activated for healing self and others
abundance blocks cleared
earthtstar and soulstar centers cleared, opened and activated, these are below your feet and ground you to your body
anchored fully INTO your physical body
chakras, nadis, meridiens, auric field cleared and upgraded.
connection to source energy was expanded, cleared and opened as well
traumas, buried emotions and cellular memories stored within transmuted……
Christ over-soul code to activate the Christ self

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