Unlimited Abundance Program

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6 Downloadable energy sessions, you may listen and re-listen to time and again, at your Own pace!

session 1-  Deep Clearing of All that is blocking Your Abundance, Prosperity, Success and Money

session 2-  Re-writing the Story around Prosperity 

session 3-  Receiving Abundance & Prosperity Codes  
session 4-  Deepen your Connection with Money 

session 5-  Become a Money Magnet 

session 6-  Embodying Energies of Prosperity 

“I AM the Moon, I AM the Sun, the More I Let In, the More I Become”

This phrase that came to Nima Kinz in a dream she had about me sums up Abundance, Prosperity, Opening and Receiving All of the Blessings the Universe, that life, wants to give to you. This is one of my Gifts.

Helping people get Empty so they may Fill with Abundance.

In 2010, I was Activated to share an energy that radically opens people to be able to Receive, Receive, Receive the Abundance that is their Birthright. After spending the last seven years Embodying this Energy and Gift, I heard the Inner Call to share it and assist others as well.

Money used to elude me, it seemed as if I was allergic to it.

Today, life is the opposite.

I accept and receive prosperity in great Tsunami’s where I enjoy a debt free existence, unplugged from the 3D Matrix that traps you in and seems impossible to escape from.

In this program you will receive several silent Energy transmissions where you will directly experience your money consciousness beginning to change for the better.

Allow your own Soul to Inform your money matters, investments, business, Enlightened Partnerships, money management and more.

Your eyes, heart and inner knowing will be opened to ways of receiving money, managing money, investing money, making money that may feel very new to you, but you will also notice, it feels right!!

Your soul will lead, guide and direct you in moving out of debt and into freedom.

If you have found this program, your very own Soul Guided you here for a Divine Reason and Divine Purpose, to Lift you into Prosperity Consciousness once and for all!


  • Living a life where you have the freedom to have what you want
  • Pay for what you want with Cash and ditch the credit cards
  • Unlimited creativity opening to allow for multiple income streams
  • Living a debt free life
  • never having to worry about money or how you will pay your bills again
  • Peace of Mind Knowing that you always have an Abundance of Overflow
  • Freedom to live life as your soul wishes

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