Abundance Consciousness

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Abundance Consciousness – Abundance is not only about cash money, it is about abundance of ALL things, friendships, love, creativity, vitality, passion as well as material wealth.

This activation opens you to be able to RECEIVE ALL of the BLESSINGS the Universe SO wants to give you. Many people have an unworthiness belief stored within them, this activation begins to melt that belief away opening you so you can finally RECEIVE.

Abundance is also about flow and synchronicity, having things go the way you would love them to, having things work out for your Highest Good. Some people have taken vows of poverty in other lives or their ancestors did and we can pay the price for their choices, all contracts, agreements, vow, promises, programs or permissions to hold onto lack or unworthiness are cleared and broken so you may experience abundance in all forms, it is your birthright!

Once you pay for your session you will receive an email to schedule a date and time that is convenient for you.

Many clients notice that when they officially book a session with Erica, the shifts start before we even get to our scheduled appointment together.  The Divine Intelligence that oversees these sessions hears your call and begins to answer that need immediately.

All appts are made on MST, so please use the world time clock converter to align with the correct appt time.  Thank you!  Sessions are approximately 60 minutes and are over the phone.

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