Divine Energy Activation Audio

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This is a pre-recorded audio version to make this activation as affordable and accessible to all who wish to receive it.

Is for those individuals who desire to accelerate and open fully and naturally all of their intuitive abilities of clairaudience (clear inner hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairvoyance (vision) and claircognizance (clear knowing).

In addition to opening all of your intuitive abilities, this activation also ignites the healer within.  Everyone was born with natural intuitive and healing abilities for self and others.

Due to limiting beliefs, conditioning and social predispositions, many of the natural, visions, hearing, knowing and feelings plus phenomena you had when you were an innocent child were taken from you, stuffed down or turned off all together. 

This Divine Energy Activation simply restores you to what you knew as a small child.  This activation is critical at this time of Earth transition.

You may use your natural intuitive and healing gifts for healing self, others, the Earth and ALL life forms. 

This activation is gentle, as the full flowering of this activation evolves gradually over a period of months going at the natural pace that your consciousness and body/mind system can truly handle this deep opening and expansion process. 

This is for an obvious purpose.  If you awakened all of your intuitive gifts at once, that may be quite an overstimulating and undesirable experience.  This activation was intended with the utmost ease, elegance and Grace, though with the results you wish to have.

Investment in your personal evolution for this Pre-recorded audio activation is only 111.00 and only needs to be done once in a lifetime