1 month Mentorship

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Let Erica Mentor you!
For those people that crave more one on one support, Erica has created a number of coaching packages to suit your specific needs and desires.
These very intimate, in depth sessions will help you set goals, keep you on track so you succeed and reach those goals, while giving you the energetic support necessary to keep your vibration HIGH so you can transcend any challenges that come your way.
Working closely together consistently affords us time to find, clear and release energy blocks, limiting beliefs and patterns of thinking, speaking and being that can really hold us back from living as our Grand Self.
This also allows time to assimilate the new energies, ground and anchor them in the body and begin engaging new habits to ensure success. We can handle any blocks, obstacles or resistance that comes up as we journey together and Erica will teach you methods to move through them!

Together with Erica’s guidance and support she will help you become AWARE of what is holding you back from your Dream Life, then we will weed these limitations from your Garden and Plant the seeds for HUGE Growth in ALL life areas.
These sessions will be custom tailored to exactly what YOU need. 
Whether it be Ancestral clearing, trauma and abuse clearing or learning methods to quiet your mind, so you can begin using your mind as an ALLY, receiving Energy.
Transmissions of the Divine Light to break up discordant energies and raise your vibration to LOVE. Begin creating a Life full of peace, magic, synchronicity, joy, creativity, inspiration, connection and abundance on ALL levels!
Most coaches have a gift for coaching, they can help you see fresh perspectives, deeper insights, set goals and even help attain those goals which is all WONDERFUL, Erica does all of this and more. 
Erica has the gift of Divine Grace an added ENERGY that she brings to sessions that UPLIFTS every aspect of your life.  Obstacles, challenges and once seemingly impossible “problems” simply melt away as you find yourself in an entirely NEW PARADIGM.

What sets Erica apart from the rest is she is helping people QUANTUM LEAP into an entirely NEW REALITY and NEW LIFE all together. 
Let’s explain it like this, Einstein said that “No problem can be solved in the same consciousness in which it was created.” 
Erica helps you to open and expand your CONSCIOUSNESS and in the NEW CONSCIOUSNESS you find yourself in the solutions are there, the abundance is there, the flow is there…..whatever you want to Be. Do. Have. it is found in this new consciousness and this is Erica’s gift and she is honored to share it with you!

What kind of real world results can I expect by working with Erica?
As you peruse this website, there are inspirational stories of people who have shifted out of seeking and suffering into arriving and thriving everywhere you look. 
For specific life examples check out the stories of healing and miracles found on the home page of this site. 
The heartfelt gratitude and love shared from clients all over the world is a testament to the kind of profound shifts and changes that are possible when someone commits and engages the simple teachings Erica shares with her private clients.
For packages we are happy to accept payment plans, if these do not work for you please contact Erica@ericarock.com to set up an alternative plan that better fits your financial situation.
As a part of any mentoring package, support products and services may be given to assist one in laying out their Spiritual foundation to become unskinkable.  These mentoring packages are Custom tailored to each person depending on your interests, passions, skills, where you wish to be in life, as such these packages are different for everyone.

Erica only accepts a handful of select individuals per year to take under her wing and dedicate this much one on one time with.

Session Packages custom tailored to your Unique and Specific Needs and Desires

1 month  1555.00
Initial 30-45 min call with Erica to design and co-create your program within the parameters of this 1 month mentoring package.
– Email support – Receive VIP priority status for the duration of your program,  questions answered via email within 24-48 hours for your support
– Techniques and methods to engage in your daily life to keep you on track and moving forward, you will get out of this what YOU put into it, Erica is going to teach you some easy tools to incorporate into your day to day to keep your vibes HIGH, keep you grounded and energy aligned, but YOU DO HAVE TO TAKE THE FEW MINUTES TO DO THEM TO GET THE MOST RESULTS!
-Support products, services, online spiritual retreats, audio or video trainings, audio mediations may be given as a part of this package
– Sessions can be live in person, via Skype or phone.