Ancestral Clearing Sessions

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Erica helps clear hurts, burdens, beliefs, pain, patterns, programming, conditioning, negativity and stress that may be limiting your physical, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual well-being. 

Sessions are focused in a concentrated manner on your individual needs in life. Health, happiness, consciousness, finances & relationships are core issues often addressed.

The aim of sessions is to provide an increased lightness, peace, harmony, abundance, space, openness, well being and higher consciousness in your mind, body and life. 

Increased feelings of connection, increased energy and health, relationship harmony, spiritual freedom, inner wisdom and prosperity in life are often the results. 

We come into this life with the outright markings of our ancestors: eye color, skin color, hair color, and so forth.
We come into this life with other ancestral markings, subtler but certainly as profound – those of unresolved issues from the past, like traumas from emotional heart ache, abandonment, and tragedies experienced through war and famine.
Ancestral Clearing helps us clear these burdens from our ancestors, and therefore from us. This modality heals your lineage and your past in this lifetime.
Ancestral Clearing allows to you live up to your true potential in this lifetime, rather than reliving the old patterns of your family or from your past.
It gives you the opportunity to have the space to feel into and live your own ideas, your own dreams, and your own heart. It allows you to be able to differentiate your own inner voice from the many voices around you, so that you can experience the essence of who you truly are.
There are so many ways you can benefit from an Ancestral Clearing session. When negative imprints are eliminated from your current life and ancestral lineage, you begin living from a clean canvas of possibility so that you can:
Feel comfortable, healthy and thriving in your body
Connect to The Infinite in a real and tangible way
Realize your soul purpose
Enjoy the career and financial success that may have been eluding you
Desire only foods that support your health, well-being, and ideal weight
Eliminate self-sabotage
Enhance your intuition
Fully trust your inner guidance
Experience fulfilling relationships
Make the difference in the world that you’ve always wanted to make-

Sessions are typically 30-50 minutes over phone, session is recorded, so one has the added benefit of going deeper with the work by listening and re-listening as often as one likes.

Client Testimonials:

"I’ve been working with Erica for several years, and I can say without question that she’s the most powerful healer that I’ve ever met. The analogy “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime” comes to mind with Erica’s work. She gives me the tools to unlock my own intuition and figure out my subconscious so that I can heal myself.

Lately I’ve had some family issues that I’ve needed help navigating. Through phone appointments, she has helped me communicate with thought patterns that I did not know that I had. My physical health has taken a toll, and I’m already noticing a difference. I’m the past she has also helped me to be more empowered, speak my own truth, and heal relationships with family members that were less than ideal.

Erica is a multitalented soul who wears many hats - healer, therapist, friend, leader, mother figure, and spiritual badass. She is always tuning in to the newest energy and upgrades and shades her knowledge with others from the kindness of her heart. She has changed my life in profound ways, and I am so grateful. "