Awaken your Inner AVATAR

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In this Pre-recorded Audio we shall be attuning to the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether bringing us more into alignment with Life........ meaning Being in the FLOW of Life rather than resisting what shows up, whether it be people, events or circumstances.

We are composed of the elements, some within us are stronger than others and we will Balance these elements within, thus feeling more Balance with ourselves and All of Life.

Feelings of increased connection with Life, nature, other people, our vocation, where we live, with our get the idea!

We will also be tapping into our Inner Avatar, activating this Avatar which enables the templates of Purity to come online where your system becomes self cleansing of all thoughts, energies, beings, perspectives, conditioning that is Not for your Highest and Best.

Next the Inner Avatar, once activated brings in the templates of Balance, Being-ness, Self Care, Self Love, Serenity, High Energy, Self Regulation, Increased Manifestation abilities and Self Mastery.

A Truly EmPOWERing program!