Chakra and Aura Cleaning Session

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Chakra and Aura Clearing – Human beings are the culmination of all the thought, word and deed of not only ourselves, but also of our ancestors up to 10 generations back. We store this thought, word and deed within the physical body temple, as well as in our auric field.

Having your Aura cleansed and fortified can be like taking a Spiritual Shower the results being feeling more alive, peaceful, light and happy.

Thoughts have tremendous power, we are directing thoughts towards others and people are directing thoughts towards us and those thoughts can negatively effect us if our aura is weak.

A good way to know if you need an Aura Clearing is if you have been feeling heavy, depressed, angry, overly emotional, overwhelmed, having nightmares etc. In these sessions your Aura and entire Chakra system is opened, cleared, balanced, aligned and evolved to its very highest stage of evolution. All psychic cords, ties and roots to you and others are cut, cleared and transmuted into the Light.

All true heart connections with those you love will not be harmed in any way, in fact many people report that if they have experienced disharmony in their relationships, aster having their aura, and chakras cleared, cords cut and transmuted, that relationships tend to renew and become more harmonious.

You know if you have psychic cords with someone if you have an interaction with them and then cannot seem to put it out of your mind and let it go, your mind will begin to obsessively play the scenario over and again. Once the cords are cut, you are FREE and they are free.

Once you pay for your session you will receive an email to schedule a date and time that is convenient for you, for your Remote Session which will be approximately 60 minutes over the phone.

Many clients notice that when they officially book a session with Erica, the shifts start before we even get to our scheduled appointment together.  The Divine Intelligence that oversees these sessions hears your call and begins to answer that need immediately

All appts are made on MST, so please use the world time clock converter to align with the correct appt time.  Thank you!