Chakra Unification Meditation

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This practice is designed to train your Energy System and Energy Fields within and without to stay open, activated and connected multi-dimensionally.
•The Practice creates a powerful, intelligent, alive and protective force field of energy within and around you that allows you to handle, access and connect with a Greater Bandwidth of Pure Source Light.

When your energies are activated, aligned and connected, Divine Flow and Synchronicities become commonplace, Life becomes a dance of Flow.
•The Chakra Unification Meditation acts as a filter to screen out other people's energies, projections, thought forms etc which makes Living as an Empath on this planet much more FUN.
•By doing this practice regularly, you will train the Multidimensional aspects of Self to merge together as One which results in Being more present and able to follow the promptings of your own Inner Divinity without hesitation.  A minimum of 21 days of consistent daily practice starts to open this level of inner and outer connection.
•It is best done in a sitting position with the seven body chakras aligned vertically.
•Consistency is key, do the practice daily.
•This practice helps one to become more Embodied, meaning Grounded within the body, not leaving the body; stay conscious throughout the practice.
•This is not a visualisation technique. You are Commanding Light!! As you progress in the meditation, you will feel your consciousness expanding as the Higher Aspects of you merge together as One, which results in Radical Empowerment.

practice is 30 minutes long, pre-recorded audio