Divine Alchemy - Inner Child Sessions

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We must build our foundation first and these sessions are a Vital part in building that Rock Solid Foundation Upon which we experience unshakable Peace within and can truly Flourish and Open to the Light of our Own Divine Spark.

Before we Activate and Accelerate our Spiritual Journey and Awakening Process we must Purify, Transmute and Alchemize the Trauma, Pain, Hurt and Burden that we carry, most of this is from childhood.

Once we cleanse our Inner Landscape and become Empty, then we are in the perfect position to Fly Higher and Soar into the Light of Love, Awakening the Divine Light within.

These sessions are in phases and each sessions builds on the next, working synergistically together.  There are 4 separate sessions in this series.

Session 1 and 2- Alchemize the Core Wounds that are still active within you which keep you in negative emotional patterns as an adult. 

Finding yourself cycling through sadness, anger, depression, hurt, back to sadness just to repeat this loop over and again? 

These Core Wounds are the reason why, you must address them to free not only You Now as an Adult, but your Trapped and Scared Inner Child who is hiding in the dark, begging for Liberation and help.

We link the mind and memories with the energy and using breath and Divine Light you will alchemize all the Unresolved Emotional Content stored within from hurtful and traumatic events you experienced with Primary Family Members.

Session 3- Re-Parent and Re-Birth This next session we travel to the "Temple of your Soul", a VERY Special Dimension that is limitless, beyond time dimension where all possibility exist and anything can be re-written, re-scripted, erased and undone.

You will meet your Primary Council Member who is part of the Elohim and who has been with you since your very first incarnation, who Loves, Adores, Sees and Accepts you perfectly As You Are, for Who You Are, just being in this Beings Presence has a Deep Healing Effect.

Once you meet this Light Being, your Inner Child is called forward at the age that it needs to at the time to meet and be Re-Parented by the True Soul Essence of your Earth Parents in this Lifestream. 

This little one will be gifted all of the energy it needed as a child and never received.

Your Council member will invite the child to re-write painful past experiences. 

This is truly possible in this dimension as it is outside the rules and limitations that govern this 3D reality.

Then there is a merging of your Inner Child who is now Healthy, Free, Whole, Complete and Full of Joy with your adult.

Session 4 Create your Dream Future- Meet and Merge with your True Celestial Form  Session 4 we travel back to this Magical Dimension where All is Possible, meet again with your Council Member of the Elohim, meet your True Celestial Form, receiving Massive Healing, Activations Upgrades direct from your Very Own Soul and Craft your Most Highest Destiny Future Life!