Energy Clearing Sessions

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The POWER of Energy Clearing and Healing is PROFOUND!!

We live in an Energetic World. In fact our bodies are made of 70-80% water and 100% ENERGY!
Everything is energy. ⚡

For us to THRIVE, Succeed, Live in Abundance on ALL Levels, Live in LOVE, Open and Receive Love freely, Embody the Highest Vibration, Enjoy Beautiful Supportive Relationships, Have Stellar Health the KEY is ENERGY!

Living and Embodying a high-vibrational frequency is our sovereign birthright and how we become a magnet for ALL we desire and deserve.

With the right energy we manifest at Godspeed. Our Intuition becomes clear and refined guiding us in our purpose.
Why are we not living our Highest Destiny lives?

Energy blocks that hold us back.

When we have energetic blockages we often feel stuck in our lives, we have often tried EVERYTHING to shift but nothing seems to open up the flow. Unwanted patterns keep occurring. We often feel Low in our Energy and feel overwhelmed, overstimulated, depressed, anxious.

We want to take guided action to create our dream life and fulfill our goals though we often become frozen in self doubt, negative self talk and "I cannot do it" mindset, often with a side order of "I am not worthy", "I am not enough", "I don't deserve."

We can be our own worst enemy- and sadly, no matter how positive your mindset - If your energy is locked down life just doesn't open up and FLOW.

Energy blocks can occur due to experiences that happened in childhood, an ancestral trauma passed in the lineage.
We all want the same things in life and it is critical to understand that Energy affects us all.

We must clear our energy blocks – otherwise we will continue to manifest more pain, struggles, and negativity.

Because the painful experiences we have had in this life, passed lives, within our lineage live on UNTIL we clear it and then EVERYTHING changes for the better.

I AM Certain that you want to manifest more love, bliss, health and abundance in your life and with one shift, you can up-level and transform your reality.

In these sessions:

We will Deeply and Thoroughly CLEAR the 4 Main types of Energy Blockages:
-Energy Density from Life events in this life, past lives, lineage
-Energy Density from our Environment
-Energy that was embedded/infused/empathically taken on when we were in the Womb
-Generational Energetic Density and Blocks

Client Testimonials:

"I’ve been working with Erica for several years, and I can say without question that she’s the most powerful healer that I’ve ever met. The analogy “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime” comes to mind with Erica’s work. She gives me the tools to unlock my own intuition and figure out my subconscious so that I can heal myself.

Lately I’ve had some family issues that I’ve needed help navigating. Through phone appointments, she has helped me communicate with thought patterns that I did not know that I had. My physical health has taken a toll, and I’m already noticing a difference. I’m the past she has also helped me to be more empowered, speak my own truth, and heal relationships with family members that were less than ideal.

Erica is a multitalented soul who wears many hats - healer, therapist, friend, leader, mother figure, and spiritual badass. She is always tuning in to the newest energy and upgrades and shades her knowledge with others from the kindness of her heart. She has changed my life in profound ways, and I am so grateful. "