Energy Upgrade tele call

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Please note the tele conference information is emailed to all registrants 3-5 business days before the tele gathering. 

These once a month group calls are designed to help us enter, live and embody 5th Dimensional consciousness.

You will receive new energies, initiations, upgrades and downloads to spiritually accelerate you into 5D in the most heart centered, integrated way.

These calls have Three Parts to them.
Clearing, Alchemize, Transmute and transform; release anything you may have picked up energetically, ancestral burden, unresolved emotional content, astral energies, density and cellular debris and more.
Keycodes of Consciousness Transmission to help you Ground, Anchor, Embody and Fully Align with the New Earth Energy, the New Hue-Man, New Consciousness.  There is a Blueprint already created for Heaven on Earth, one that is radically different than the world we see and live in today.  Free Energy, Pristine Earth, All needs met for All humans living in Unity, Peace and Elevated Consciousness in Harmony with Mother Gaia and all Sentient Beings.

Transmission of the Divine Light where you will receive exactly what your Unique soul requires at the time and that can be radically different for everyone, this is a Soul Initiation. 

These monthly virtual gatherings offer powerful attunements, initiations, energetic upgrades and brand-new activations to shed our field of any lingering density and limitation of the old paradigm, as a way of creating more openness for a faster integration into 5th Dimensional energy consciousness.

All of the purifying, clearing, cleansing we have done thus far has gifted us the opportunity to integrate higher frequencies of light/energy/intelligence into our being, which catapults us all into a higher spiritual reality with more ease and grace in our personal lives.

The key is to EMBODY this light/energy/intelligence into every cell of our being, assimilate it and be it.  Once this happens we become re-vitalized and inspired  by our new reality of heart-centered consciousness.

At this stage of our spiritual journey we are filled with passion and inner guided direction that leads us to the people, events, circumstances and opportunities of a new spiritual paradigm.

As we embody this energy we become the catalysts of Awakening for others, lifting others up by just being in our presence. 

This is when your energy and vibration become so rock solid that YOU become the most powerful component shifting the energies of those around you instead of being pulled down by others.

Moving deeper into 5D we also transcend  many self-sabotaging and compulsive behaviors, opening to a renewed sense of health, harmony, balance, fulfillment, and vitality in life.  You will also experience that your ability to manifest becomes immediate and effortless revealing resources, synchronicities, and abundance.

Erica would like to personally invite you to be a part of these once a month LOVE FESTS to receive the brand-new downloads, upgrades and activations to inspire your most fulfilling reality.

April call is scheduled for Thursday 25th 7-8:00 PM EST

May call is scheduled for Thursday 23rd 7-8:00 PM EST

June call is scheduled for Thursday 20th 7-8:00 PM EST

July call is scheduled for Thursday 25th 7-8:00 PM EST