Rainbow Prophecy--Evolution--Revolution

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The Energy Theme for JUNE (registration information is below)

Leading Edge Pioneers, Visionaries, Rainbow Peace Keepers, Healers, Lightworkers, Starseeds, Forest Bathers and Lovers of People and this Planet........

Mark your Calendars! Tuesday June 25th 7-8 PM EST we will Gather Together as One Heart, One Energy, One Love and One Life in UNITY and Peace.

Register NOW for the June Energy Upgrade tele call at a 10% discount from NOW until May 31st. The June call will be recorded, use code June2024 at checkout for discount.

Invitation and Energy Themes for June scheduled for Tuesday June 25th 7-8 PM EST:

We will Deeply and Thoroughly CLEAR the 4 Main types of Energy Blockages:

-Energy Density from Life events in this life, past lives, lineage
-Energy Density from our Environment
-Energy that was embedded/infused/empathically taken on when we were in the Womb
-Generational Energetic Density and Blocks

ActivationsActivate and Deepen our ability to access the Spiritual realm to clearly SEE and Experience the magic and synchronicity of life. Experience the spirit of our being radiating strong and true, guiding us forward and giving us all that we have dreamed about.

June brings the Solstice, one of the most cosmically powerful days of the year. We will Leverage and Enter the Solstice portal to shift to a higher harmony, higher LIGHT, higher LOVE, higher Intelligence and access our own innate healing powers with greater ease and potency.

Bring an increase of balance and harmony to our spirit and human bodies.

Clearing of Discordance and Toxicity in our Relationships-letting go of whom is not FOR US, making way for NEW Loving, Supportive people to enter our lives.

Cleanse Unhealthy Habits and Relations with FOOD- Activate our Highest Alignment with sustained health and well-being. We will create long lasting healthy habits.

Activating our Highest self-expression and the capacity to communicate CLEARLY what our TRUTH is.

Clearing Contradictory Energies, Vibrations and Hidden Intentions so we may RISE to the most Coherent Vibratory Reality. Think HIGHEST Destiny Life!

Path of the MASTER Activation/Initiation- This Sacred and Holy Initiation is Truly Beyond Words or Descriptions


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