Entity Clearing Program

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What are Entities?  There are various kinds; Lost Souls (ghosts), Interdimensional Beings, Dark Force Energies (commonly known as Demons), ET's and Thought Forms.

It is speculated by people in the Entity Clearing/Deposession field that upwards of 85% of the Population has an attachment or is under the influence of an Entity.  There is NO Blame or Shame about this experience.  You are NOT Negative, Bad, Wrong or otherwise.  Entity attachment is a common occurrence that we need to be Educated on.

COMMON SYMPTOMS OF Entity attachment/possession 



How do Entity Attachments occur?  Typically, a physical body dies and the spirit sees the Light and transfers over without incident. When, for any number of reasons, the spirit does not successfully go into the Light, it can become lost and remain on this plane.

Humans are Food for All types of Entities and they often attach to feed off of our Energy.

Once attachment happens, One will start to experience fatigue, loss of Emotional Control where One experiences intense negative emotions, negative thoughts, feeling depressed, anxious and on edge. One may start engaging in harmful behaviors like alcohol/drug abuse, eating disorders, acts of violence and more.

It can seem from the outside looking in, that nothing has changed but they no longer recognize their loved one. This can result in Relationship conflict, frustration, isolation, unless an expert is brought in.


Why and How do Entities attach?  Some people are more susceptible to picking up entities than others. There are a multitude of scenarios where One can unconsciously pick up Entities.

Remember Humans are FOOD, how do we feed them and open to them?

They are magnetized to our negative emotions/experiences. We can mistakingly open to them during times of extreme stress, loss, resentment and more.  Entities prefer us when we have guilt, use and abuse alcohol or drugs, feelings of hopelessness after a loss of a loved one, during surgeries under anesthesia, during illness when body/energy is weak, while exploring with the Occult (for example playing with Ouija Board), Using Magic when unexperienced, living in a haunted house, or during other spiritual practices. If One grows up in abusive/chaotic, low vibrational family one can be more susceptible.  Generational Entities that are "assigned" to you or your Family and are continually passed down. 

Forms of Negativity are NOT the only reason an Entity can attach,  people that have High Spiritual Potential can attract Entities for the Sole Purpose of Oppression, so the person does not fully Bloom into their Highest Potential.  Bottom line, many Entities, especially the Dark Forces have "Orders" from their "Higher Ups" commanded to make your life chaotic, miserable, make you suffer, sick etc until you give up-suicide is the Ultimate "Win" for them. The causes of Entity Attachment are deep and complex.

This Entity Clearing Program can assist in Clearing all Entities, their residues, influences and more and was Created by Dawn Ranieri and Erica Rock using Powerful Light Codes, Healy Healing Frequencies, Our Own Healing and Clearing Procedures, Archangels, your God Team and other Beings of the One TRUE Light to help free you or a loved one.  

Since this program is recorded we suggest that depending on the Intensity of your experience, the recording is listened to daily, (at night while sleeping is ideal so subconscious mind can be deeply purified), or whenever you feel you need it, listening consistently for the first three months is our recommendation. 

On this program you will see mandalas shifting and changing, these have been filled with powerful intentions, frequencies and codings.  You will hear music that is additionally infused with necessary energies.

Dawn and myself work in silence as these frequencies, codes etc are working on you.  Below is the main intention and prayer infused into this program.

"I am happy and grateful for the powerful intention to clear away all low and negative energies, entities, frequencies as well as any EMF, 5G and other radiations, harmful rays, toxins, pollutants, diseases, parasites, and poisons of all kinds from my body.

With profound gratitude, I embrace the purification and restoration of my physical, energetic and spiritual well-being. I am thankful for the divine light and love that reside within me, serving as a shield of protection and healing.

As I set this intention, I effortlessly release and transmute any attachments or energies that do not align with my highest good and well-being. I lovingly let go of any distortions, patterns and entities that have a strong hold on me, freeing myself from their influence.

I am grateful for the divine guidance and support that surrounds me, assisting me in clearing attachments not only from my body but also from my house, car and any other aspects of my life. I create a healthy and protective environment within me, cultivating inner strength and resilience.

I surround myself with divine light, setting boundaries that repel any harmful energies from entering my sacred space. I am open to receiving divine healing and guidance, allowing for the release of subconscious patterns and beliefs that no longer serve me.

I trust in the power of divine intervention and my own inner strength to create and maintain a healthy and protective environment inside and outside of me. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to cleanse and purify, creating a space of vibrant health, positivity, and harmony within and around me. And so it is!"

The Sacred Soul Alignments and Light Codes contained within this clearing are  gentle yet extraordinarily powerful healing modality that transcends the boundaries of time and space.

These Alignments can rapidly accelerate spiritual expansion while amplifying your manifestation and co-creation abilities to the highest level. You’ll experience transformations on all levels of your being as you step into your highest potential and become a human expression of the DIVINE.

These alignments can clear 7 generations backwards and forwards. What was used for the meditation: The Sacred Light Purification and The Sacred Light Entity Clearing are both extraordinarily deep into cleansing and purifying all aspects of your being AND your environment (including your home and all people or animals, and all objects in your home, your vehicles and land).

It clears out energies that act as a point of attraction for entities, dark portals, implants, all different types of low vibrational energies, including trauma, Oaths, Vows, Contracts, hooks, cords, and attachments, negative belief systems, thought forms, and dense emotions that are we are holding, and that are also in our environment, the objects in our homes and the land that we live on.

There is so much to these clearings as they also clear timelines, dimensions and so much more!

Parasite Release goes to the root causes of physical and energetic parasites, and clears them at the root.

Addiction Release releases the desire or craving to use substances as an emotional support system. Since entities attach themselves during addictions, it is vital to resolve these addictions.

EMF/5G clearing out of any and all low frequencies and radiation. Flush Activation is a highly versatile activation that will quickly clear, dissolve and transmute disharmonious and discordant energies that are creating pain or other physical, mental and emotional disturbances.

Defrag Activation clears out mental clutter, confusion energies, can reduce brain fog, calms down out of control thoughts, helps you get “out of your head”. Clears out unnecessary thoughts and energies that are taking up your energy and time and causing stress.

Golden Light Blessing (created by Dawn). This Divine Blessing will bring in the Golden Light of Christ for your highest good and for all mankind.You will feel a blanket of warmth and protection.

Healy Programs used- PURE: The Pure program is the ideal starting point for anyone using Healy for the first time. It is designed to help the energy field of each cell recover from the bioenergetic effect of environmental pollutants, toxins, an unhealthy diet, and other negative factors. The Pure program increases each cells ability to communicate and share frequency information between cells.

Subtle-  SUBTLE: Energetic protection against external influence that can affect the energy fields. Removes entities and negative energies from the aura & etheric body.

This Entity Clearing Program is deep and comprehensive leaving no stone unturned so you have the Divine Sovereignty to take back your Body, Life and Energy clear of the influence of anything that is not for your Highest and Best.