Goddess Rising

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Sisterhood circle- Invoke the Goddess! Master Group Pre-recorded class

The Initiations from each of these three Goddess was HIGHLY Transformational, Healing and Empowering.  Be prepared to be Initiated, Baptized, Sanctified, Upgraded, Resurrected, Re-born, Activated, Empowered, Receive Ancient Wisdom and Many Divine Benedictions!!

You will come out of this Different in the most Positive and Life Supportive way! 

Merging and Invoking these Goddesses is an important Sacred Union for ourselves personally as well as for the Collective of Humanity.

We will be invoking and working with the Energies and Consciousness of these Divine Feminine--Goddesses.

Mother Nature, the Being Called GAIA is a primal form that we will Harmonize, Invoke, Merge and Mentor with.

Kali MA -- Divine Feminine Embodiment that we will Mentor Under, Invoke, Merge and Harmonize with. The divine feminine energy of Goddess Kali can help dismantle the conditioned constructs that are no longer serving you.

Her goddess energy can teach you to rise into your divine power so you can look fear in the eye and conquer it. Kali Shakti is the energy to help you blossom into your highest self

Goddess SOPHIA- In Gnosticism, Sophia is a feminine figure, analogous to the human soul but also simultaneously one of the feminine aspects of God. Gnostics held that she was the syzygy (female twin divine Aeon) of Jesus (i.e. the Bride of Christ), and Holy Spirit of the Trinity.

Sophia appears in many passages of the Bible as the female personification of wisdom, though her roles and popularity in Judeo-Christian traditions have changed throughout time. She is also celebrated in Kabbalah, a form of Jewish mysticism, as the female expression of God

We will be connecting with all of these Goddesses, receiving their Energy, Codes, Wisdom, Insight, qualities of cutting through density, fierceness when necessary to transcend obstacles, and courage to move through problems with wisdom and grace.

We will anchor these Divine aspects into the Earth realm as a Sacred service to neutralize the spread of war, conflict, and disease. It is the divine feminine anchored into Nature and planet Earth that can heal these situations.

We will begin each meeting going into Presence, the ZONE- a 5th Dimensional and Awakened state of being and Consciousness where you naturally enter the NOW. Mind chatter ceases and you Blissfully encounter the Deep Inner Stillness and Silence that resides within you.