Golden Ratio Practitioner Training

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This NEW and Leading Edge Training teaches you how to Activate and then Connect the 70+ Energy Points within the Human Being establishing One to the Earth’s NEW 6D Crystalline structure and NEW Earth Consciousness and Energy.

Within each of these 70+ Energy Points are Crystalline Codes which when activated and brought online Re-calibrate your Human Body, Energy and Physiology to the NEW Illuminated Hue-man.

These activations, alignments and connections bring you back to your Soul, to the Infinite and ALL that IS as the Divine Light Embodied.

The Golden Ratio Alignment merges the higher self with the physical form.

Our planet has a gridwork of energy surrounding it. This grid transfers light/energy/intelligence between the higher dimensional light realms through all sentient beings.

These alignments and activations connect us to the divine energetic blueprint, the energetic structures of the cosmos, and the higher dimensional planes.

In this training you will learn the location of all 70+ Energy Points within the body, how to activate these points and then connect the points to the NEW 6D Crystalline Earth Grids.

You will receive the Golden Ratio process of attunement, activation and connection.  Once one is attuned you may pass along the Golden Ratio to others, this training will teach you how.

The Golden Ratio means The Golden Proportion is analogous to God's relationship to creation. The Golden Section, or Phi, found throughout nature, also applies in understanding the relationship of God to Creation.

Connect to the Fullness of the NEW Grid structure, Harmonics, Divine Blueprint and Heaven on Earth Elevated Matrix.

Benefits of receiving the Golden Ratio Process of attunement, activation and Connection:
  • Connects One to the Full Expression of their Divinity
  • One becomes a Transmitter for the NEW Earth frequencies and Consciousness having a massive impact on collective
  • Allows for greater mental concentration, improved memory, and clarity, helps to eliminate old behavior patterns and conditioning
  • Refreshes, balances, rejuvenates, and harmonizes the body, removes blockages and opens meridians/nadis, energy centers
  • Increases vibration, healing time, motivation, energy levels, intuition, and other psychic senses
  • Merges oneself with their truth, divinity, and higher self expression
  • Releases and shields negative energy from the energy system
  • Allows for deeper meditative experiences, powerful spiritual activations, and vivid dreams
  • Increases feelings of compassion, peace, and relaxation

Dates for 2024 Training in Conifer Colorado USA are June 21st- 23rd 10-5 daily.