Infinite Blessings Book

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This E-book offers powerful spiritual messages set alongside beautiful artwork~ for your contemplation and entrainment to the Divine energies contained within the art and words.

These messages emerged from Erica when she was in a deep state of Oneness. Created to bypass the mind and speak to the truth of your heart.

They carry the power to return you to the truth of your being.

Spiritual Enlightenment, Life Satisfaction  Spiritual Awakening Begins, Or Expands, Here.

A New way to Create what you want. Powerful “I AM” statements actually invoke the energy and essence of what you are desiring.  You actually become it, with the energetic help of GRACE.

Art infused with Pure Source Light and Grace
*Receive "Grace Blessing" Light transmissions by gazing at the artwork and reading the inspiring messages
*Grace Blessings will activate your enlightenment process, awakening you to your authentic self.

  The sutras (spiritual messages), stem from powerful “I AM” statements, that invoke the energy and essence of what you are desiring into your being. You actually become it, with the help of Grace!

“Infinite Blessings” has you focus on the state you want to be in, not what you want to get or have. We speak the messages out loud for best results and receive the Grace from gazing at the artwork.

  • “Dear Erica , I purchased your book Infinite Blessings at the New Jersey Expo and I must say I LOVE IT, a very special addition to my many books and one I use daily. I Love the art for it takes me instantly to the place where the Divine Dwells within me and when I get caught up in all the stuff, I open the book to the perfect page and it takes me to Me. Thanks so much for bringing your light into the world. SuZen”

The Grace that you will receive via the artwork will do most of "the work" for you.  your job is to Let Go, Get out of the way, Take Guided Action and allow the Divine to orchestrate the How's, Why's and Details.  Let it be that easy!

Here is a story from a woman who opened up the book to the “I AM Abundance” page and actually slept with it UNDER HER PILLOW for 2 weeks! (We have people do fun things with the book like this, people like it so much they get REALLY creative!

Why sleep with it under our pillow??  When we are asleep we are not in any resistance and the Grace contained within the book can flow through us powerfully removing whatever is in our way of receiving what we want.

  • Here is what happened for Cheryl:  "It works!!! I slept with my book in my pillowcase open to Abundance for about 2 weeks. Today my husband officially accepted his job promtotion and he will be getting more $ than he expected!! Totally awesome!! Thank you Universe and thank you Erica"

The spoken word is one of our most profoundly creative acts.


  • Dear Erica, “I concentrated on the Energy in Motion message last night and today . I kept feeling like my heart was to the right of the picture and all that energy in the picture was flowing out from my heart into various parts of my body. I was thinking next time I’d like to record my bp and pulse before and after, it feels like my heart is racing trying to spread all this energy out. Amazing!” From C. L. Maine

We get what we speak!
  Speak into being what you want, how you want to feel, what you want your life to look like. You have the assistance of Grace which will do most of this for you, just let go and let it in!

All anyone ever wants is to feel good and be happy.
  We think a certain “type” of partner will make us happy, or that a certain job will make us feel safe and secure or having a certain amount of money in the bank will make us feel successful. Let The Divine work out the details for you!

Infinite Blessings will help you to vibrate what you want to be. Let The Divine decide what doings will give you those “states of being”.
It may be very different than you think. Our way of thinking, beliefs, patterns and predispositions often resist the good Grace can bring if we let go.

The Grace that you receive in “Infinite Blessings” assists you in letting go and getting out of the way to open the floodgates of all of the Blessings the Universe is trying to bestow upon you.

You may have been practicing with affirmations and using the knowledge of Law Of Attraction to attract to you all you want in your life. Notice that sometimes it seems to work and other times it doesn’t?

Infinite Blessings and the Grace contained within goes BEYOND affirmations and Law of Attraction in that it gives you an energetic boost in the direction of your hearts true desires.

The Grace opens the Crown chakra so that you can let in all of the good!  
The old ways of focusing on the qualities we wanted in the job, partner, home worked at times and did not at others. It was a “do it yourself” program and many times the affirmations you were speaking or the things you wanted could not manifest in the physical because of underlying feelings of unworthiness, limiting beliefs and negative ways of thinking, speaking and being.

Grace evolves you, flowers you into your authenticity. Old limitations melt away, without work.

“Being” comes prior to doing or having. Energy first, manifestation follows. States of being create the having or doing. The states of being you want fulfill you, bring you immense joy and expand the heart when they become reality.

Being speaks to the heart of what you desire, without getting mired in the “details” of what you will do or have, or how you think it is going to come and what it will look like.

You can work yourself tirelessly trying to create from doing and throwing more action at things. There is an easier way. Grace will do most of this for you.
Your only job is to focus on being, then you vibrate what you want into your life.
  Everything just flows from that state of being. Life fills in the pieces of the puzzle for you with ease, elegance and best of all GRACE.

Be. Do. Have.
  Give yourself the gift of Grace and “Infinite Blessings” today.
  Awaken to who and what you truly are.
Free from limitation, struggle, seeking and working on yourself. Shift into fully living your life and dreams!
  Become the change you wish to see in the world, it starts with YOU, right here and right now.