Instant Uplift

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Instant Uplift is infused with Divine Grace to initiate your Awakening and Enlightenment process waking you up to who and what you truly are!

This program was created to “lift you up to where you belong!”, when you have been temporarily thrown a curve ball by life via, break up, disease, divorce, death, losing one’s job or any other circumstance that can make you fall out of alignment with your true self and negative thoughts and feelings may be running amuck!

Instant Uplift was designed to help you remember the TRUTH about YOU and the truth about LIFE.

Human beings are a FEELING. Healing is a FEELING.

There is nothing worse than feeling bad and nothing better than feeling good, instant uplift will assist you in returning to wellness and feeling GOOD once again. It is a powerful “pick me up!”

  • Hi Erica,
    Thank YOU for putting this stuff out there! I did listen to the uplift yesterday…I’ve been trying to follow the Weight Watchers Online program, trying to get healthier and sync up the me that’s in the mirror with the me that’s in my head; it’s been getting difficult (I feel like I am hungry ALL THE TIME) and I was getting discouraged. I listened to the uplift while I was sketching and felt SO much better.
  • In the middle of the silent Grace Blessing I started giggling for no reason. I’ve also been sleeping with the Infinite Blessings book under my pillow, after reading that some people use it that way–I don’t always remember to use it when I’m awake, but I never forget to go to bed, right? I repeat the I AM statement in time with my breathing and on those nights I seem to have an easier time falling asleep. I’ve been having really wacky dreams (not bad, necessarily, just ODD), and I’ve been drawing a lot more in the last couple of months than I have in a long time. None of what’s going on for me would look like anything major to an outside observer, but it’s been pretty fantastic on the INSIDE. Just wanted to let you know."

Feeling good and want to move into higher states of bliss and ecstasy? Instant Uplift can help you get there!

  • “Hi Erica –  Here I am again in total awe

    I purchased the instant uplift this morning and immediately listened to it. I thought it would be more music like your other CD, but was so happy to hear your voice !

    While lying down after the grace blessing, my brother came up and I decided to shift all the limited beliefs I have sent his way over the years. The phone rang in the middle of this and I decided not to answer it. After my 15-20mins. I remembered the phone rang and looked to see who it was. As you probably have surmised it was my brother (who I talk with once every few months). He sounded really clear and upbeat (unusual!!). We had a great conversation. He was calling to tell me that he had an item that I had asked him for about a month ago and that I could pick it up from him at work today!!

    Yes, once again, very powerful stuff.

    I also did a dream assignment last night on a health related topic and received my answer around 4:30am this morning. I have decided to really take care of myself and not ignore what my body is telling me it needs. Making appointments and finding doctors was a BREEZE this morning, so grateful.  Love to you Erica.  Xo Mel”

You know when you hear someone speak the TRUTH you get goosebumps or chills throughout your body? Our bodies LOVE and resonate to the TRUTH. Instant Uplift is filled with the TRUTH and your body, mind, spirit and soul will RESPOND positively to the TRUTH. Moving you from feelings of hopelessness, despair and negativity to inner peace, happiness, calm and joy.

Your natural state is WELL BEING. Instant uplift will assist you in returning to your natural state of well being. When we speak 100% positive, constructive, life affirming words for a period of time, it would essentially take a truly enlightened master to speak in such a way. With Instant Uplift, you are mimicking the words of Enlightenment. You are putting your magical wand of FOCUS through thought and speech on the TRUTH.

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!
You will be focusing on the TRUTH, hearing the TRUTH and thus the body, and feelings and mind respond positively returning to well ness and inner peace once again.

Sometimes in life, we all need to be reminded of who we are and the truth about life, as outside circumstances can appear so very real and scary. Instant Uplift will help you rise above any and all challenges helping to lift your vibrational state to one higher than the “issue” or “problem”, then solutions and resolutions can manifest.

  • Einstein said, “No problem can be resolved in the same consciousness in which it was created."

Shift and Expand CONSCIOUNESS and the outer situation also shifts. 

Bottom line, YOU feel better.

Remember, as human beings we ARE a FEELING. Nothing is worse than feeling bad and feeling great is well, GREAT.

Instant Uplift will assist you in staying Aligned with the Truth, and your Vibration UP!

Allow yourself to rest in the arms of the Divine and give yourself an Instant Uplift today!

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