Make your Empathy your Superpower

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Are you an Empath who has grown tired of sponging up other people's thoughts, feelings, energies and vibrations? Your Empathy, when not properly understood & trained how to utilize this GIFT can often feel like a curse.

You don't have to live your life hiding from the world because being around people is overwhelming.

Have you stopped enjoying social events because it seems you always leave feeling tired, irritable, sad, angry ?

It is time to take your life and power back and shift your relationship with your Empathic nature and make it into a SUPERPOWER!

In this training you will learn:

3 stages of Empathy and how to use your Empathy as the gift it was intended to be!

You will learn and be attuned to the 7 Key Divine Frequencies that are proven to Alchemically Transmute any thoughts, though forms, feelings, energies, vibrations you may have picked up from others. 

You will learn my "Emotional Mastery" Technique. This simple and effective method will reshape your relationship with feelings, emotions, energies so you will never be afraid or resist ANY feeling again! Take back your Power once and for all!

Online Training TBA.