Mastery of Mind and Emotions

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“Mastery of Mind and Emotions Program”

A Powerful 30 Minute Private Session that  is available as a physical CD or mp3 audio, you receive the mp3 version FREE with purchase of physical CD.

What does this Program do for you?
"The world is as you are.” This program assists in shifting life circumstances by raising the lower vibrations that created them. When we create unwanted events in our life or if we have a desire that has not manifested fully for us yet, there’s some lower vibration (resistance) involved.

If you get stuck in feelings or have a fear feeling, or want it to go away, this program helps you to accept and embrace ALL feelings and emotions and leads you to true emotional freedom!

Where did that low feeling even come from? You may be unaware it is there creating in your life or have no idea where you picked it up.

This process helps you raise that vibration to a higher one. Once you change, things outside you change.

This letter is from a woman who has been taking a Grace Blessing Course Intensive and experienced the Mastery of Mind and Emotions Program:

  • “Dear Erica,
 Thank you, thank you, for surrounding me with your Loving support as I went through my process of feeling long buried fears. With fear released, how empowering and sweet my life has become ! Thank you for your Joy, Grace, Simplicity, Honesty and Presence that you so generously share. It is truly inspirational to be a participant in your workshops. 
Love, Lorna” ME

“I have your Mastery of the Mind & Emotions and Infinite Blessings audios. It has definitely opened a new approach of looking at life. I deal with chronic pain and have been a victim of multiple abusive situations. Realizing I don’t have to be the victim inspires a freer way of thinking and feeling. My energy is more vibrant and moving easier. It’s like dusting the cobwebs out of an unused area."

This process is particularly good for unconscious emotional patterns. You don’t have to know what the pattern is, and you don’t have to work at it, analyze it, process it, heal it, fix it, clear it or suffer.

You just find the feeling, allow yourself to fully feel and experience it and it dissolves and moves on up into higher, lighter vibrations. This is made so much easier through the Grace that flows throughout the program.

Allowing yourself to fully feel and experience the feeling frees up stagnant energies that may be associated with events from the past, hurts, burdens and resentments that you are carrying. If emotions and feelings that you refuse to feel are left to fester long enough within the physical body physical pain and disease can result.

This process will help free your heart, mind, and spirit, so that you can move forward, creating a more perfect reality for yourself.

  • “I had been going through a very difficult time emotionally, unable to move beyond the low vibration I was stuck in. When Mastery of Mind and Emotions was released I purchased the download that very first day and settled in to listen and experience it. The results have been truly amazing. Immediately things began to shift for the better and by the next day I was out of my funk. I am so grateful to be feeling like myself again and living out of a place of peace, confidence and joy! Thank you, Erica, for creating this wonderful tool! It’s extraordinary!”

Attempting to heal it, process it, analyze it, or stuff it deep within you makes the situation much worse for you in the long run!

Feelings and emotions are simply meant to be felt.

Emotion is energy that wants to move, simply let it and you are free, liberated forever.

You don’t have to re-live any trauma, drama or story around any past or current unpleasant experience. You’ll actually be encouraged NOT to figure it out, this is not for the mind, your power will be found in pure feeling and you are encouraged to stay OUT of the story about it.

The process is Divine Alchemy where you can shift and transform relationships, money, health, or any other type of challenging situation, just by relaxing, listening, feeling, and letting go. You can do the process until you get relief. And once relief comes, life will improve for the better.

  • Erica –
    Just wanted to share with you how much I love the mastery of mind and emotions cd! I took the time yesterday to do it twice (morning and afternoon). I really listened to what you had to say about releasing whether it is by using the cd, dancing or just screaming and beating a pillow.
    This morning I felt so HEAVY in my heart, lots of anxiety about the day. I remembered the “screaming” tip you gave. I decided to try it out. Wow, I wasn’t really able to release by screaming or punching the pillow, but gave the emotions love and told them that I was releasing them and prayed to God to help me release through tears. I was able to release and shed tears! My heart feels so much lighter right now. How wonderful to know that I have the tools to feel better! Very empowering!
    Blissfully calm and grateful,
Xo Melanie B

All you have to do with emotion is LET IT MOVE! Let it be done for you with the help of GRACE. Even if it’s serious trauma you’re dealing with. This process is simple and easy, you feel lighter and freer afterward.

Then you’ll quickly find that every area of your life begins to improve (you can let in more blessings because your pipes are more open), you feel more connected to life, health improves, stamina increases, you have more vitality and energy, and peace of mind.

This process speeds up your enlightenment, gets you connected to your inner wisdom, and brings emotional freedom and liberation, a clean slate!

People find that being able to relax and let themselves be guided through this process provides a feeling of safety to go to deep places within they have dared not go before.

You were born ready, able and willing to flow any and ALL emotion — you became conditioned to not trust your own feelings and not express and feel most of them. Return to the natural childlike state that you once were. This process is simple and you can be free forever!

Flowing emotion and flowing energy, is key to your freedom and enlightenment. We are not healing emotions . Emotion do not need to be healed they need to be felt ~ vital distinction.

ALL emotions are valuable, once you understand and can flow them freely. “Healing emotions” will keep you in an endless cycle of “healing work”, because emotions are not supposed to go away! Emotions must be understood, appreciated, and moved. You can begin with this process now and start loving every emotion. You will become free.