Optimal Health & Well-Being Series

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These are pre-recorded 4 – 30 min Energy Transmissions that were created with the Intention of Physical Health Improvement! While individual results may vary and no claims or promises are being made. This package is for:

  • Anyone that wants to Improve their overall health
  • People suffering from aches, pains, disease of any kind
  • Healers who desire to up-level their Own Gifts- the energy will Activate more deeply your Own Healing Talents!
  • People who want to Cleanse their subtle energy bodies to be able to access, hold, anchor and ground Higher Energies without the backlash of a healing crisis or ascension flu!!
  • People who want to enjoy an increase of vitality and feel PASSION for Life!
  • People who have tried diet and exercise programs in the past you know what to do but doing it has felt too hard, I have GREAT news for you, the amount of Grace and Ease surrounding this is IMMENSE.

Included in the field of resonance was a request that not only will this be easy, feel different, but the necessary changes required will feel joyful.

Here is the suggestion and this is only a suggestion- do as you feel guided.

For the first time you go through the series it is recommended that you listen to the first energy transmission, one transmission builds on the next and wait 3 entire days before listening to the second energy transmission, then again, wait 3 full days before listening to the 3rd energy transmission, waiting 3 days to listen to the final energy transmission.

After listening and integrating the series of energy transmissions the first time you may re-listen as often as you like, just listen to them in order and if your body can handle it you may shorten the time in between to receive the next transmission.