Quantum Healing with Jubran Whalan

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Hello beautiful soul,

I would be honored to assist you in your Spiritual Awakening, Healing and Personal Evolution.

Sessions are a Co-creation via our Spiritual teams, Guides of Light and your Mighty I AM. 


Jubran has a Gift to see and integrate in co-creation with you, your Specific Soul codes and Light Seals and more which once come "online" and are activated, one begins to Embody their Higher Potentials and Possibilities and often Re-receive their Health if this is a main reason that lead you here.


Jubran will clear and harmonize energetic distortions, devices, implants, orientations, beings and imprints that you agreed upon to play the separation game as part of the 3D earth matrix, but you have Awoken and now wish to choose your Ascent back to the Light.


Jubran has a Spiritual team of Highly evolved Dimensional Beings of Light, such as the Blue Avians, Arcturians, Ashtar and others who are masters of removing stagnant dense energies that cause physical issues, in the form of psychic surgery.


It is a very precise process that comes with a tremendous amount of guidance as Jubran works through those sections to clear obstacles which allow more flow for healing. 


Jubran is always quite surprised himself what is revealed during sessions.

Of course, it goes without saying that this should never replace regular medical attention.


What is to transpire during sessions and thereafter is Surrendered to Source completely.


Jubran not only believes in miracles but relies on them in this work.  The realm of the miraculous comes from within you so there are no guarantees or promises with sessions that any particular result will occur.


What I can promise is to show up in the most Aligned, Open, Heart Centered way, humble and ready to serve and facilitate in the way that is for your highest and Best.

Much of the session is in silence, it really depends on the guidance, information that comes up during the session. However, I AM always happy to share what I see and feel throughout the session as long as it is deemed for your Highest and Best to do so.

The session starts the very moment you register. I have also received feedback that the energy continues to support your highest evolution, growth and healing well after the session is completed. I advise to drink lots of water for a few days after we do the session along with making time for rest and integration. 


Sessions are over phone, skype or I can do the session via distance with a photo graph and a debriefing with what occurred during the session. Being in connection simply serves the human mind, the energy work itself doesn't require this.


Whatever method of connection resonates and works best for you, I ask that once you register for the session you email a photo of you with a clear view of your eyes to me.