Shadow Work Sessions

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We have "parts" of ourselves that profoundly need our Love, Healing, Acceptance and Integration.

Parts of us we have stuffed down, we are ashamed of, we blame, we fear, parts we have put into the shadows as we don't want others to "see" these parts.

We resist these aspects, judge them, criticize and make them "wrong".

We want these aspects to disappear. We feels these aspects are "less than" and bad.

We refuse to give these parts a voice, let them be heard and let them speak.

The more we try to control these parts, keep them in a dark corner, something happens- they become our worst enemy and they vibrate within us not only effecting how we feel, how we think, what we believe, they create unwanted realities and manifestations in our lives.

We go to war within ourselves and the stakes of repressing these parts, not healing, accepting and integrating them into ourselves, becoming whole is a high price to pay.

These aspects need our awareness, love, healing, forgiveness and integration more than anything.

As we call these parts back into ourselves, into wholeness, into the light of LOVE-something truly magical happens, we become free WITH everything.

Shadow work is the Ultimate act of Self Love and Compassion.

How can we expect to Live in Love, AS Love, have Peace, Joy, Elevated Vibration when we have aspects who feel rejected and dejected?

It is nearly impossible to Create the Life of our Dreams when we have the shadows vibrating contradictory frequencies.

It is time to LOVE OURSELVES FREE on ALL levels-reclaim these fragments and bring them into wholeness.

Say YES to Loving ALL of yourself Now!

Client Testimonials:

"I’ve been working with Erica for several years, and I can say without question that she’s the most powerful healer that I’ve ever met. The analogy “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime” comes to mind with Erica’s work. She gives me the tools to unlock my own intuition and figure out my subconscious so that I can heal myself.

Lately I’ve had some family issues that I’ve needed help navigating. Through phone appointments, she has helped me communicate with thought patterns that I did not know that I had. My physical health has taken a toll, and I’m already noticing a difference. I’m the past she has also helped me to be more empowered, speak my own truth, and heal relationships with family members that were less than ideal.

Erica is a multitalented soul who wears many hats - healer, therapist, friend, leader, mother figure, and spiritual badass. She is always tuning in to the newest energy and upgrades and shades her knowledge with others from the kindness of her heart. She has changed my life in profound ways, and I am so grateful. "